CrossFit Games Open 18.0

The Open 18.0
For time complete 21-15-9 reps of:
– Dumbbell Snatches @22,5/15 kg
– Burpees.

– Now you must change hand while the dumbbell is below eye level to make it count.
– As always both sides of the dumbbell have to touch the floor before going up again.
– In the in the burpee you must jump or kick your feet backwards, at the same time, and jump up with both feet at the same time.
– You also had to jump with both feet over the dumbbell, you were allowed to take a step towards the dumbbell if you had somehow jumped to far or if you where not at the dumbbells side.
– If you don´t jump, just step backwards, then it will be judged as a scaled version.
– Of course as always your chest has to touch the floor when you go down.
– You must then raise yourself to a standing position before you jump over the dumbbell.
– Hips flexed for the jump, not like in a burpee over bar where you can jump almost lying down.

Scaling Weight:
M/F: @15/10