Shoulder Press 6 x6

Shoulder Press @20X1
6 Reps x 6 sets (Progress from past week)

60 sec rest then:

Single Arm KB Box Step-up 8 reps (box #50)

post your Press load and note Step up

MAP 8 (B)

2x 15 min Piece of with 5min rest b/t:
With a Partner perform:
A – 20/15 cal Row / Byke
B – 15/10 Air Squat in 20m (10+10) Farmer's Carry

REPEATABLE & SUSTAINABLE (each split same time)

Note your worst piece result and note each split part

AlPo (Byke)

2 sets of: 10 seconds All-Out / 2:30 min rest with Erg bike

Post Meters